Paperwork Requirements

UpdatedSaturday February 9, 2019 byNewton Mustangs Youth Football & Cheer.

2019 Paperwork Requirements

IMPORTANT: Some minor changes may occur in the AYF rules which could affect our paperwork. Therefore, the information below is provided for general reference only. Notices will be sent to all families who have used the 2018 on-line sign up as soon as paperwork is finalized and available to be completed.

Only fully completed paperwork will be accepted to better organize our AYF/AYC Books.  Your child will not be allowed to practice without ALL required items.  

Each PLAYER – Football & Cheer – must complete the steps below.

Step 1:  Log into your account -

Login using the email & password provided at registration time.  Please note this is case sensitive to email as well as password! 

Step 2:  Select “Print Forms” to the right of the participant’s name:

Step 3:  Print each form by selecting it

Step 4:  Using the guide below, make sure you have signed all areas necessary as noted “guardian & player action items”

  •  “Participation and ID Card” AYF/AYC Participation, Tracking & ID Card
    • ACTION ITEMS: guardian initial (5 times), player initial (1) – guardian signature & date all page 2
      • Do NOT place photo where directed, this is a responsibility of the Newton Mustangs
  •  “Medical Clearance” AYF/AYC Medical Clearance Form
    • ACTION ITEMS: MD stamp required
      • MUST be dated after January, 2019; The League will NO LONGER accept Physicals
  •  “Image Release” AYF/AYC photo/video release for minor
    • ACTION ITEMS: Print Parent/Guardian Name, Sign & Date
  • Concussion Acknowledgement” AYF/AYC Concussion Statement & Acknowledgement Form
    • ACTION ITEMS: Print names, Sign & Date Parent/Guardian and participant
      • Fact Sheet will be available and distributed on Paperwork Night
  • Code of Conduct” AYF/AYC Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form
    • ACTION ITEMS: Print participant name, date, Print Parent/Guardian Name, Sign DO NOT cut as instructed. 
  •  “Emergency Medical Treatment” AYF/AYC Consent & Treatment form
    • GUARDIAN & PLAYER ACTION ITEMS: Print Parent/Guardian Name, Sign & Date
  • Report Card    
    • Must be from June of 2019, please see example attached, screen view report cards do not include the information required
  • Birth Certificate
    • ACTION ITEMSBirth Certificate & Photo Copy (for notarizing on site at Paperwork Night) OR Original Birth Certificate OR Notarized Copy of Birth 
    • If you are a player or cheerleader returning from last season, you were required to provide a copy and it has remained with the Mustangs for use each season.  The AYF League will no longer accept photocopies of birth certificates unless it is a notarized copy or a copy certified by the Mustangs Board.  If this is your first season, please come prepared with the players original BC & a photocopy of the BC – the photocopy can only be Mustang notarized if the original is in hand.  The notarized copy BC will stay with the Mustangs and the original will be returned to you immediately. 

Step 5: 

Double Check – Do you have all of the following?

  • Participation Tracking & ID Card (2 pages)
  • Waiver & Release of Liability – MINOR
  • Concussion Acknowledgement (MTBI/Concussion Annual Statement & Acknowledgement Form)
  • Emergency Medical Treatment, Consent & Information
  • Image Release – MINOR
  • Medical Clearance Form
  • Code of Conduct
  • Report Card – dated June, 2019
  • Birth Certificate & Photo Copy OR Notarized Copy of Birth Certificate (If not returning from 2018)