Team Wall Communication FAQ

UpdatedSaturday August 1, 2015 byNMYFC Board.


New Communication Features – Frequently Asked Questions




Q.  What is Team Wall?

A.  Team Wall is a feature offered through our registration vendor, SportsSignUp. Team Wall provides easy access to team information and communication for parents.


For coaches, it allows them to print rosters, send emails without the need to keep track of parent email addresses, communicate with parents and send time sensitive information via text.


For parents, it allows them to see their child’s/children’s teammates, and to chat with team parents and coaches.


Each football team and cheerleading squad has their own Team Wall and only parents and coaches of that team have access to the Wall.


Q. How do I access Team Wall?

A. Team Wall can be accessed via your registration account. A link to the site can be found in the authorization email that will be sent to you shortly. In addition, we have provided a link on our Newton Mustangs website to access your registration account. Upon entering your account, you will see a link for your Team Wall.


Q. What should I do if I cannot access my registration account or cannot remember my password?

A. Initially, we would suggest trying other email addresses associated with your account. Sometimes, the email address required for your account is inadvertently changed. If you are still having difficulty, please use the request for help box to request further assistance.


For password issues, we do not have access to your password. Please request a new password through your account. We will then send you a temporary password via email.


Q. What should I do if I am locked out of my registration account?

A.  Please use the request for help box and indicate that your account has been locked. We will go into your account and unlock it for you.


Q. In future years, will my registration account change?

A. As long as we continue to use this registration site, your account will not change. In future years, you will only need to update your account for any changes and to register your child for a new season.




Q. How do I access team chat? What is it used for?

A. You will be able to access Team Chat when you access Team Wall on your account. Team chat allows you to create and respond to posts made on Team Wall without annoying strings of emails or back-and-forth phone calls.


     When you create a Post, it will be available for comment by all of the team members. All replies to your post will be sent to you by email. Team Chat is different from Facebook as it is 100% private as only team members and admins will see posts.




Q. What personal information will be shown on Team Wall?

A. Only your address depending on whether you granted visibility when you registered. You can review your response by going into your account settings and indicate that you would like to edit your account information.


All other personal information is not shared with your coaches unless it is required by AYF (American Youth Football).


Q. Who has access to Team Wall?

A. Only parents and coaches of your team along with the site administrator have access to your team wall. Players do not have access to Team Wall unless parents share the Team Wall with them.